A woman tossing and turning while partner is snoring

Tips on How to Stop Snoring

If sawing logs all night is wreaking havoc on your rest, we can help. Find out what causes snoring, and what you can do about it.
Snoring Causes and Prevention

Snoring Causes and Prevention

Snoring happens when your air passages are restricted, causing vibrations in your nose and throat. Find out the top reasons people snore and tips to help keep the peace.
Take the roar out of snore

Take the Roar out of Snore

The best long-term solution to help reduce snoring is our FlexFit adjustable base. It allows you gently raise the head of your bed to which may help temporarily relieve snoring.*
A woman sleeping on her side using the Sleep Number In Balance Contour Pillow

The Power of Pillows

The right pillow is one that elevates your head and neck for improved comfort and support. Find favorite ideal fit and fill with our PillowFit® quiz.
Woman laying on a Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Your mattress makes a difference

To help alleviate snoring, it's best to sleep comfortably on your side. The Sleep Number® bed contours to your neck, shoulders, back and hips, providing support and even weight distribution to relieve pressure points for your ideal comfort in any sleeping position.


*May temporarily relieve common mild snoring in otherwise healthy adults. Partner Snore technology is available Split King and FlexTop® King mattresses on FlexFit adjustable bases.

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