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Sleep Peacefully with your partner

Smart solutions to help couples sleep better together.

Sharing a bed isn't all roses

Move over love. From snoring to blanket stealing, getting a good night's sleep can be difficult for couples sleeping together. If your lack of sleep is because of your better half, you're not alone.

Did you know?

One in four couples sleep in different beds.

The struggle is real

Sleep deprived couples

- feel more tired

- have less energy

- can get short tempered

All of which can take a toll on your relationship

Couple sleeping positions: what it reveals

What does your secret sleep language say about your relationship?

Temperature Flings

Do you turn down the thermostat at night while your partner secretly turns it up? If you're tossing covers off and on, upgrading to a larger mattress can provide space for heat to dissipate.

Did you know?

Two out of three couples sleep best at different temperatures.

Sleep Number® temperature balancing sheets, pillows, and layer are designed to absorb excess heat and release it as you cool. Perfect for couples to help you both sleep at the right temperature.

A woman laying on her with the In Balance Contour Pillow

The power of pillows

If your pillows came as a matching set, it's time to support your individuality. Because no two people sleep alike, we have pillows in all shapes and sizes. You can both find your ideal fit and fill with our PillowFit® quiz.

Choose your ideal support with our AirFit® pillow.

One mattress doesn't fit all

Firmer or softer. When it comes to mattresses, nine out of ten couples prefer different firmnesses.* The Sleep Number 360® smart bed lets you adjust each side to your ideal level of firmness, effortlessly responding to your movements to keep you sleeping comfortably all night.

A woman laying on her with the In Balance Contour Pillow

Partner Snoring?

Congestion, dry air and alcohol too close to bed can all be snore culprits. The FlexFit adjustable base with Partner Snore technology lets you gently raise your partner's head at the touch of a button. This may temporarily relieve common mild snoring in otherwise healthy adults.

Just right for both of you

The Sleep Number c2 Mattress

Adjustable comfort on both sides starting at $999

The Sleep Number p5 Smart Mattress

Knows, senses and adjusts to you

Sleep Number DualTemp Individual Layer

Cooler or warmer, you decide. Any bed, any side.

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