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How to sleep when pregnant

Is sleeping for two making it difficult to get one decent night’s shut-eye? Read on for the best way to sleep when pregnant.

Benefits for you and baby

During pregnancy, quality sleep affects everything from you and your baby's health to relationships to stress levels.

Quality sleep during pregnancy means:

Healthy mom

Healthy baby

Better mental health

Higher productivity

Stronger relationship with your partner

Reduced stress and anxiety

Bump up your Zzzs

Try our tips to relieve the most common sleep issues as your baby goes from poppy seed to watermelon.
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A pregnant woman sleeping on her side using the Sleep Number In Balance Contour Pillow

Left is best

The best position to sleep when pregnant is on your left side because it enhances blood flow to the baby, your uterus and kidneys. It can also reduce potential swelling in the hands, feet and ankles.

Sleeping positions to avoid

As baby grows, lying on your back puts pressure on major blood vessels and can decrease circulation to your heart and your baby. Stomach sleeping also becomes more uncomfortable.

A woman laying on her with the In Balance Contour Pillow

The power
of pillows

Properly placed pillows can make all the difference in getting a comfortable night’s sleep. Find pillows that fit you best with our PillowFit® quiz.
Use a knee pillow between your legs, and pillows along your back and under the baby.
A body pillow supports your back and hips and keeps your spine in more proper alignment.

Expect more from
your mattress

The Sleep Number® bed contours to your neck, shoulders, back and hips, decreasing 
the pressure that comes with sleeping on your side during pregnancy.
A Veteran and Paralympic athlete adjusts to motherhood.
These five exercises can help to support your core
A World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist on sleep during pregnancy.


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Sleeping while Pregnant

Sleep Number® is dedicated to helping you sleep better while pregnant. Common restlessness from not being able to find your ideal sleeping position can make a typical night’s rest more difficult. Discover Sleep Number® resources to help you find the best sleeping position while pregnant and other tips to end restless nights.

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