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How Have We Learned So Much About Sleep?

Sleep Science Portal   /  How Have We Learned So Much About Sleep?

SleepIQ® sensing technology uses high-resolution ballistocardiography readings sampled several hundred times per second, providing full body measurement. The embedded software employs advanced biomedical signal processing and trade secret algorithms to determine bed presence, bed entry and exit and body movements, including position changes, time to fall asleep, and breathing and heart rate in real time. The software also provides effortless adjustability and personalized insights into heart rate variability and circadian rhythm, allowing the user to learn more about boosting energy and more productive day and nighttime habits that can affect sleep. The SleepIQ® mobile app is used to see sleep metrics, set up bed feature preferences and wellness profiles — including SleepIQ® score, Sleep Number® setting, biometrics, sleep times and motion profile — and to control the adjustable features of the Sleep Number® bed. In fact, smart sleepers who use our bed’s features and insights get almost 15 minutes more restful sleep per night than those who don’t. That’s nearly 100 more hours of restful sleep per year*!

*Based on internal analysis of sleep sessions assessing sleepers who use multiple features of Sleep Number® products, including foot warming.

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