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From lightweight warmth to plush softness, our blankets and comforters will keep you comfy year round.

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Sleep Number Comforters & Blankets

Sleeping with the wrong blanket or comforter can make sleep uncomfortable and make your sleep too hot or too cold. Finding the perfect blanket or comforter can be a challenging task trying to match your décor and your sleeping style, but Sleep Number has a variety of down comforters and weighted blankets designed to improve your quality of sleep.

Our weighted blankets helps you reach a deep sleep decreasing your stress and anxiety, perfect for a full night’s sleep or just as a throw blanket. For the winter months, a warming, heated or electric blanket can help you adjust the temperature to your liking during sleep, or while you are laying on the couch. The perfect down comforter depends on the size of your bed and your desired warmth, we offer an option to create your perfect comforter allowing you to customize to your preferences.

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