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A Day in the Life of Energy Auditor, World Traveler, & Dad, Chris

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A day in the life of an energy auditor, world traveler and dad, and how his Sleep Number bed helps give him the energy he needs to do it all. 

From the smallest details in a house to the vast expanses of the world, Chris Petroskas is keen to see it all. An energy auditor by profession, Chris investigates parts of a house that many of us overlook; as he describes it, “I look at all the insulation, doors, windows, basements, furnace, water heater, and do a health and safety check of the whole house. Then we make recommendations based on what would be smart energy decisions.” 


When he’s not looking at these small details of life, Chris’s gaze often shifts overseas, to other countries and cultures. He’s an avid traveler, seeing the world with his family, including much of Europe, Russia, and multiple trips to China—the picture above shows Chris and his son, Gavin, in Beijing. 


Fittingly, given his line of work, Chris especially likes to explore old buildings during his journeys. His personal highlight: the castles and historic sites outside Paris, including Versailles and the chateaus of the Loire River Valley, built by aristocrats in the 1500s, 1600s, and 1700s—“it’s just breathtaking, beautiful,” Chris says. He also particularly liked Colombia, which he hails as an “unheralded” destination, especially the Caribbean coastal town of Cartagena, with its cobblestone streets and Spanish colonial architecture, all brightly-colored two- and three-story buildings with balconies and overflowing flowerboxes. 


Like all travelers, Chris knows well that things don’t always go as planned. Things happen, itineraries change, experiences take a detour in unexpected ways. When he traveled to Cuba, Chris broke from the standard tourist itinerary of Old Havana, spending time in Santa Clara, a historic town the middle of the country, and when he did go back to the capital city, it happened to be the day that Chris was in Cuba the day that Fidel Castro died. “It was kind of surreal,” he recalls, as much of the country shut down, including no live music, no alcohol served in bars. Most recently, this winter, Chris had to call off a much-anticipated trip to India when a Minnesota snowstorm grounded his flight. He hopes to get there soon; India remains high on his travel bucket list. In the meantime, his son’s baseball season has started  and Chris is enjoying watching the games; he also plays golf and runs. 


It was a much more localized quest that led Chris to Sleep Number® about three years ago. “My old bed was bad for my back,” he says. His new Sleep Number mattress offered the support he needed and, he adds, “the adjustability for comfort is a big factor, too.” 


When we asked Chris where he was heading next, he laughed: he was heading back out on another trip just three days later, a Caribbean cruise with stops in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico. He was eagerly anticipating a visit to ancient Mayan ruins in Belize and seeing other historic sites, before returning home to everyday life in Minnesota, and the comfort of his Sleep Number® bed. 

Chris’s Sleep Number setting is 95.

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