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Award-Winning 'Smart' Bedtime Products Getting Rave Reviews

Angela Tague

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We all want better sleep. Thankfully, smart tech can help us get those Zzzs we so desperately crave at every life stage. Keep reading to see which smart bedroom products racked up major accolades at CES 2022. Goodbye tiredness — hello smart bed, bedding and furniture.


This is it. This is the year you're getting your sleep back on track to help you feel refreshed each morning. When it comes to sleep health, a lot has changed over the years — including the introduction of tech-forward smart beds, mattresses and bedding.


If it's been a minute since you've upgraded your bedroom, listen up. You might just discover the perfect bedtime buddy to enhance those Zzzs once and for all.


And yes, you can still keep your grandmother's quilt at the foot of the bed.


4 Smart Sleep Enhancing Upgrades to Consider

You're not alone in wanting, needing and hoping to get a better night's rest. Did you know your sleep style (and what it takes to get into that deep, restful slumber) changes over the years? Yes!


Consider using a smart (technology-enabled) bed, furniture and bedding to learn exactly what you need right now. It's likely not the same as when you initially set up your bedroom.


These new innovations, which were honored with three CES® 2022 Innovation Awards, reveal a future where advanced monitoring, personalized insights and health evaluations are possible from home and empower simplified, preventative health care at any life stage.





Upgrade #1: A Smart Bed

Does your bed understand you? You know, collect data and help you get more rest? Much like the helpful fitness tracker on your wrist or the exercise app on your cellphone, the Sleep Number 360® smart bed senses your sleeping style by proactively monitoring how you snooze thanks to artificial intelligence, multi-sensor technologies and machine learning. New tech will then analyze the patterns and share ways to improve your sleep as you get older.


“In listening to our customers – our Smart Sleeper℠ community – and learning from over 13 billion hours' worth of proprietary sleep data, our newest 360 smart beds will support sleep health at every stage. Our best-in-class sensing capabilities that deliver the highly accurate data we collect nightly, will allow us to provide personalized health insights and health risk evaluations to meaningfully improve sleep and enable preemptive care throughout their life," says Annie Bloomquist, Chief Innovation Officer at Sleep Number.


To get better sleep, sometimes all you need is a little feedback. Think of slumbering in a smart bed like undergoing a nightly sleep study from the comfort of your home, which highlights ways to improve your routine.





Smart Bed Snapping up Awards

Others are noticing, too. The Sleep Number 360® smart bed is a six-time CES Innovation Award winner. At the annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association in Las Vegas in 2022, the new 360® smart bed received a Techlicious Top Picks of CES 2022 Award.


The team celebrates the brains of the bed saying it "will do the thinking for you" when it comes to needed adjustments, like elevating your head to reduce snoring.


Do you hear sleep partners around the world clapping enthusiastically?


Or, maybe you hear the team at Dealerscope celebrating. After all, the Sleep Number 360® smart bed technology platform took home a Dealerscope 2022 IMPACT Award for its "advanced sensing capabilities" developed by parsing 13 billion hours of proprietary sleep data.


Upgrade #2: Smart Bedroom Furniture

In addition to the new 360® smart bed helping you get better sleep, Sleep Number is now developing smart furniture (coming in 2023!) that complements and amplifies the health and wellness benefits of the smart bed.



For those recovering from medical procedures, the elderly, chronic illness warriors, pregnant ladies or those simply looking to make getting out of bed easier in the mornings, smart furniture should be on your radar.


Key features of the upcoming line of smart furniture include mobility aids, noise-reduction technology, various lighting settings, storage space and premium craftsmanship.


CNET is praising both the smart bed and smart furniture for those who are health conscious and want the best sleep environment possible as their needs change over the years.


"You expect software updates and improved technology in a product upgrade reveal, but the add-on furniture is a newly introduced concept that I think is the main differentiator between this and the original 360 smart bed. With the accessory add-ons, it just makes sleeping and lounging a more comfortable experience," CNET reporter McKenzie Dillon writes.


The Wall Street Journal's Personal Tech team also handed out a Best of CES 2022 award to Sleep Number's new 360® smart bed for its ability to respond to your body and create a personal microclimate. The reporters commended the forthcoming headboard fitted with lights and speakers designed to improve sleep with a "dawn-simulating glow" to stimulate the body's natural internal clock.


Upgrade #3: Smart Bedding

If you need a quick bedroom update you can do this weekend, evaluate your bedding. How long has it been since you bought new sheets? Blankets? Pillows? And what helped you determine which ones to get? If you're like most, your final decision focused on color, pattern, thread count or what was on the store shelf at the time you shopped.


Let's shift that mindset.


What if the bedding you curl with each night could help you be cozier — whether that means staying cooler or warmer — so you can finally get the rest you need?





It's possible with Sleep Number® temperature balancing technology bedding available in sheets, pillowcases, mattress toppers, mattress layers and blankets.


Jamie Hawk is a fan. "This has been a sleep saver! I often do a lot of tossing and turning and eventually waking up a sweaty mess. Since using this mattress topper, I sleep through the night and no longer have to change jammies halfway through the night. Seriously, it's a sleep saver ... spend the money because it's worth the hours of sleep you'll get in return."


Upgrade #4: Lifestyle Changes

Here's some real talk: You have to take action to get better sleep. This might mean tweaking your current habits to better prep yourself for bedtime.


Use a blue-light blocking setting on your cell phone in the evenings


In the meantime, let's celebrate how amazing we feel when we're well slept, and the newest smart technology in sleep health.


Sleep Number Bed 2022 Accolades

  • CES 2022 Innovation Award honoree for the new Sleep Number 360® smart bed, Health & Wellness Category

  • CES 2022 Innovation Award honoree for the new Sleep Number 360® smart bed, Smart Home category

  • CES 2022 innovation award honoree for Sleep Number 360® smart furniture, Appliances category

  • Dealerscope IMPACT Awards 2022 winner for the new Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • Techlicious Top Picks for CES 2022 Awards for the new Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • 2022 CES TWICE Picks Award for the new Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • 2022 CES TWICE Picks Award for Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • SPY Best of CES 2022 Best Smart Bed for the Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • LifeSavvy Best of CES 2022 Best Smart Mattress for the Sleep Number 360® smart bed

  • EXHIBITOR Magazine's 2022 Best of CES

  • Real Simple 2022 Sleep Award Best Nap Accessory for the Sleep Number 360® Bolster Pillow


“As a company with purpose, we are improving the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep. Our technology platform offers an innovative solution that can redefine real-world health care with simple, attainable proactive care and early intervention – from home, and from the comfort of your 360 smart bed," says Shelly Ibach, President and CEO, Sleep Number. “Our newest 360 smart beds support sleeper's changing needs at every life stage, with personalized comfort and insights for the highest quality of sleep."


Like diet and exercise, quality sleep has a profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Because no two people sleep the same, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, with SleepIQ® technology, sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping comfortably and provide proven quality sleep. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night's sleep, and if you own a Sleep Number® bed, log in to your InnerCircle Rewards account to see your exclusive offers, refer friends and more.



*Based on Sleep30® Challenge participants November 2018 to March 2019.




Angela Tague is a health-focused writer and yogi in the Midwest. When she's not trying a gluten-free recipe or hiking nature trails with her dog, she's writing full-time for lifestyle brands including Tom's of Maine, a2 Milk® and Vapor Fresh. Chat with her on Twitter and LinkedIn @AngelaTague.

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