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Karate Family Earns Black Belts And Quality Sleep

Michelle Seitzer

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Find out how quality sleep made all the difference in this family's martial arts school success. 


Meet the Weirs, who got a taste of karate via a six-week program and are now the owners of a martial arts school – and black belt status! 


“Karate has changed our lives," says mom Mary. 


It all started with a piece of paper that came home in their son Alex's backpack, Mary recalls. “By the end of the program, I looked at [my son] and said, 'What if we trained and went to black belt together?'" 


And that's exactly what they did, because according to dad Mike, “We're a family that – when we do something – we do it all the way." 


Today, Mike, Mary, Alex and Taylor all have their black belts — and maximize their sleep quality to keep kicking into high gear. 





Staying Rested to Stay Upbeat 

Mike and Mary Weir have a lot of high-energy students to supervise at their martial arts school, and quality sleep is a game changer. 


“If I'm not rested, then the whole class is down," says Mike Weir, who serves as head instructor. “They feed off my energy, so it's my job to make sure I'm more upbeat than [them]." 


Mike credits their decision to get a Sleep Number 360® smart bed with achieving – and even exceeding – their sleep goals from the get-go. 


“It was instant from the first night, you could tell the difference," he recalls. “Our attitudes are much better, it helps us to get to sleep faster, and it helps us to feel better." 


Changing Positions and Staying Connected: Mary's Story 

If you ask Mary Weir, the simplicity and ease of adjusting their Sleep Number® smart bed is the best thing about it. 


"Depending on how you sleep — your side, your back — I never have to worry that one day the bed's not going to work for me. All I have to do is change the setting," she says. 


And for someone who tends to be a side sleeper, Mary has been pleasantly surprised by the ability to sleep on her back again. 


"That's been a really big deal for me," says Mary. 


Depending on whether she's sleeping on her side, her back or her stomach, Mary is grateful that she can adjust the firmness to the level she needs it. "The Sleep Number 360 smart bed has made all of the difference. There was never another mattress I could ever do that on." 


One of the best parts of the bed's wellness features, in Mary's opinion, is the ability to sync it with their phones. 


“We use our phones to change or adjust our settings," she says. “And we're able to look and see our 'sleep statistics,' like circadian rhythm, heart rate and breathing rate." 


Another perk for Mary is the “smart" aspect of the bed and its accompanying SleepIQ® app. 


“It's amazing that I can look on SleepIQ® and see where I could improve, like how long it took me to fall asleep, how long I was restless and when I had good sound sleep," says Mary. 


Cool Sheets and Tight Corners: Mike's Story 

Mike Weir served in the United States Air Force and the Air Force Reserves for 28 years, so he knows the value of a well-made bed and a comfortable night's rest. And the Sleep Number 360® smart bed delivers both. 


“I really enjoy the sheets … because they have the strap on them, which keeps them tucked in so that … if you're moving around a lot, the corner doesn't come up and wake you up," says Mike. “They're [also] a lot cooler than the sheets we've had in the past, which helps me get a better night's sleep." 


Even the process of buying the bed was a dream, according to Mike. 


“The Sleep Number store is literally … two minutes away, and we've gone in there before to buy pillows for family members," he says. “But when we made the decision to buy a new bed, it was really easy. The salesperson, Troy, was awesome." 


Maintaining Heart Health with the SleepIQ® App 

Mike also likes to check his score every day on the SleepIQ® app. 


“It's a game for me to try and get a better night's sleep," he explains. It also helps him maintain heart-healthy habits, as he regularly checks his heart rate and his HRV to see how much his heart is actually relaxing at night. 


“It does show … when I didn't get a good night's sleep, and it'll tell me how to fix it," he adds. 


A central temperature is a big deal for Mike, and if you ask him, it's one of the keys to a good night's rest. “The Sleep Number 360® smart bed maintains the temperature well, so that you're not throwing sheets off at night and moving around, trying to get comfortable – which helps you rest much better." 


Speaking of getting comfortable, Mike's enjoying the bed and its smart settings so much he's even experimenting with sleeping positions. 


“I always slept with two pillows and I slept on my stomach. Now, I'm actually sleeping on my back with one pillow," he says. “It's nice to be able to go back and forth … to try a different setting or something like that to make it a better night." 


Rest: The Best Defense 

Both Mike and Mary Weir believe that quality sleep is essential to their active lifestyle. The Sleep Number 360® smart bed, the SleepIQ® app and the temperature balancing sheets all help them perform at black belt level and show up strong for their students.


“Having that bed is like a reset," explains Mary. “And it rescues us at the end of the day so we can be prepared for tomorrow." 


But don't get on the wrong side of these black belts' bed. 


“I don't know if there's such a thing as bed defense," Mary says. “But we would fight anybody trying to get our Sleep Number 360® smart bed out the door." 


Like diet and exercise, quality sleep has a profound impact on your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Because no two people sleep the same, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, with SleepIQ®  technology, sense your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you both sleeping comfortably and provide proven quality sleep. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best possible night's sleep, and if you own a Sleep Number®  bed, log in to your InnerCircle℠ Rewards account to see your exclusive offers, refer friends and more. 



Michelle Seitzer is a side sleeper who used to read under the covers long after lights out. Now as a special needs mom and breast cancer survivor, she falls into bed and enjoys every minute of rest. During her waking hours, she's a healthcare writer, editor, and entrepreneur who hosts a website with resources for caregivers. Her work has appeared in Everyday Health, AARP, and Reader's Digest. 

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