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Landmark Research to Improve Sleep for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Sleep Number

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Can a new, landmark research partnership between American Cancer Society and Sleep Number finally help cancer patients and survivors sleep better?

 Cancer affects everyone—whether directly or indirectly. Anyone affected by cancer understands the toll it can take on every aspect of life. For cancer patients and survivors, treatment and recovery can be exhausting and painful, and getting the sleep that is critical for healing is often challenging.

“We have seen huge advancements in cancer research, treatment and care, but the connection between sleep and cancer outcomes are relatively unknown. In fact, there are no current established guidelines for sleep and its association with cancer,” said Shelley Ibach, President and CEO, Sleep Number.

Through a multi-year partnership, Sleep Number & the American Cancer Society (ACS) will conduct research with contributions from Sleep Number’s proprietary sleep data and sleep expertise to identify the impact of quality sleep on cancer prevention and recovery, leading to improved sleep outcomes for cancer patients and survivors.

Leveraging the over 16 billion hours of highly-accurate sleep data generated from Sleep Number 360® smart beds in conjunction with historical and ongoing cancer prevention studies, ACS will study the effects of cancer on patients’ and survivors’ nighttime sleep and biometric patterns. The collaboration between the two organizations will enable cancer research and prevention tied explicitly to quality sleep.



Lodging can be a major hurdle for those undergoing cancer treatment and their caregivers.

“When people face a cancer diagnosis, one of the most common barriers to receiving timely, high-quality care is actually access to lodging,” said Dr. Arif Kamal, Chief Patient Officer, American Cancer Society.

For many, Hope Lodges built by the American Cancer Society have been a place of comfort and community when receiving treatment. Hope Lodges provide 29,000 patients and caregivers annually a place to stay and a place to learn.

In addition to gathering scientific and data insights, Sleep Number has committed to support patients and caregivers by furnishing Hope Lodges with Sleep Number® 360 smart beds, Sleep Number® bedding and other sleep solutions to provide comfort to those staying there during their cancer treatment.



For Sleep Number's support of ACS's mission via joint research, funding and support of its Hope Lodges, Sleep Number was named American Cancer Society's 2022 Corporate Partner of the Year.

“Sleep Number exemplified what ACS hopes to find in partners. We honor partners that go above and beyond and use every facet of their influence to help support our mission. Working with Sleep Number to develop new data and advance science to be used in the fight against cancer is incredible. We’re extremely grateful for Sleep Number’s partnership,” said Dave Benson, ACS Executive Vice President, North Region.

Over the next five years, ACS will leverage Sleep Number’s proprietary sleep data and sleep expertise in its research to identify the impact of quality sleep on cancer prevention and recovery. Additionally, Sleep Number supports ACS’s Hope Lodges, providing Sleep Number® smart beds and other sleep innovations to support patients and caregivers when they need to stay away from home during treatment.



There is limited knowledge of the biologic mechanisms by which sleep may affect cancer risk or outcomes after a cancer diagnosis, and while poor sleep quality may be associated with the risk of developing some types of cancer, evidence to date is limited. So, this is a new direction in which to look for help in the cancer battle.

“Our partnership with American Cancer Society will directly support our company’s purpose – to improve the health and wellbeing of society through higher-quality sleep. We will utilize our 360 smart bed's proprietary sleep data and sleep expertise, along with ACS's tremendous body of research, to benefit cancer patients and survivors, and society at large,” said Ibach. “Cancer is undiscriminating – it affects everyone. Sleep is also universal. Our hope is that sleep guidelines will help eradicate this devastating disease and improve millions of lives. We are honored to join ACS in the fight for a world without cancer.”

Sleep Number’s contributions will enable targeted, cancer-related sleep science exploration, combining the magnitude of the ACS body of evidence regarding cancer prevention with the 360® smart bed’s highly accurate, longitudinal sleep data to meaningfully advance cancer-related sleep interventions.

Watch the full video to hear more about Sleep Number and the American Cancer Society’s mission to understand how sleep affects cancer-related outcomes and overall health.

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