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Living an Active Lifestyle, Tami

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Tami Carpenter is not one to sit still. By day, this Sleep Number Insider from Buffalo, Minnesota is a corporate executive, but when she’s off the clock, she’s often on the move, preferably on her Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

Tami and her husband ride all over the USA and Canada. Last year, they went to Calgary for the Stampede rodeo and festival, and out to Washington state to visit the Boeing factory (as former engineers, the two are self-professed “geeks” about the intricate ways things are put together). The trips are usually a week or two long: out to East Coast, or south to Texas, or west to Montana, “just sort of exploring, spending the day driving and enjoying the outdoors.” They’ve been to North and South Dakota, and, naturally, to Sturgis three times for the iconic motorcycle rally, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the company of kindred spirits who long for the open road. 

Even when they’re not on their Harleys, the couple likes to stay in motion, road-tripping in their car. They go to Disney World at least every other year and recently visited Savannah to soak up the history, including the city’s haunted houses. They also like to ride roller coasters, seeking out the biggest and best around the USA. “The vacations where you sit in your chair—that’s not us,” Tami says. Even at home, on a lake in central Minnesota, they stay busy by boating and waterskiing. 

The couple’s Sleep Number mattress helps support their active lifestyle. “I hurt my back a long time ago riding horses,” Tami says, “and if it’s a day that my back is bothering me, I can make the mattress a lot softer, and if it’s a day that it’s not, it feels a lot better to have it a little firmer.” As former engineers, the two also appreciate the high-quality construction of their mattress— it works well “and you don’t have to mess around with it,” Tami says—and the ability to tailor the firmness. “My husband likes to sleep on a board and I like to sleep in a hammock,” Tami jokes, “so neither one of us has to compromise.” They purchased their first Sleep Number® mattress around 2001, and now have three. 

The couple have passed their passions down to the next generation. Their son motorcycled out to Alaska with Tami’s husband, and also took a Sleep Number mattress with him to college—“He was tired of not sleeping at school,” Tami says with a laugh. 

What’s next on their travel list? “We’d like to do more overseas, but there’s also just so much to see here in the U.S.—we just haven’t gotten there yet.” As recent empty-nesters, though, the two now have more time to travel, and they’re sure to be back on the road soon, their Harleys rumbling down the road, in search of a new adventure. 

Tami’s Sleep Number setting “waivers between 25 and 35.” 

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