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Refresh with Camping and RV Trips

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There are so many benefits to camping and life outdoors. Resetting your biological clock, dealing with noise, RV tips on and off the road, eating outside, and staying cool while camping are covered in this story round-up.


For many, "The Good Life" is best achieved outdoors in the wonderful fresh air. What better way to do that than to hit the road with family and friends, and set up camp under the stars?



Did you know science shows camping could reset your biological clock? After our frenetic work schedule during the year, filled with artificial light, late nights and tons of technology, a few days outdoors can match your circadian rhythm to natural light. Why does this matter? Well, getting your body in sync helps you sleep better. A study following eight adult campers who used no artificial light found that by getting more natural light in the morning and less artificial light in the evening, they were able to reset their melatonin hormone which gave them a good night's sleep. That means lots of early morning rises and late-night campfires, kids!



The peaceful quiet in the open sky may take a bit of getting used to for those of us accustomed to urban noise. Wearing earplugs, bringing a fan or use a white noise machine (or app) to drown out those sounds of nature — until you get used to it, that is. Key to camping comfort is a sleeping pad (or for the glampers among us, an air mattress!).



Some of us are lucky to be traveling with a moving home, to enjoy the best of the outdoors with some of the comforts of the indoors. Yup, we're talking about an RV! Hint: Just like your real, bigger, non-moving home, you must keep it clean, uncluttered and light. Still, you get to see, hear and smell nature at it most spectacular, but you get to turn in for the night (and even have running water!). 



Even if you're in an RV, eating lunch outside can improve your slumber. Hopefully, whether you're RVing or camping, you'll be doing a lot of hiking, walking and exercise, which all make for better sleep.


When spending the summers outdoors, on the road, in a tent, or at a campground, the most important thing to remember is to have fun!


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