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Salute to Service: Military Families Surprised by Sleep Number and Partners

Vanessa Boreland

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Sleep Number, Blue Star Families and the NFL came together to honor those who make the ultimate sacrifice. Two well deserving families were surprised with team swag, a new smart bed and some very special guests.



The Burr Family

Nate Burr and his family, Laura, Tucker and Tegan, arrived at the Minnesota Vikings Museum decked out in their purple and gold best. They were expecting a VIP tour of the museum, they were not expecting to meet a Vikings VIP (very important player).



While they posed for pictures, Vikings player K.J. Osborn surprised the family and joined them on the rest of their tour. Osborn presented  the Burr family with a gift package including Sleep Number® bedding, autographed Vikings swag, game tickets and sideline passes to a Vikings game. He also let them know they’d be receiving a new Sleep Number® smart bed.



“The Burr family has sacrificed a lot. It was a pleasure to invite them to an upcoming game to show them how much they’re appreciated,” said Osborn.



Nate Burr is a 21-year veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard as a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot. After three deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Syria and Jordan, there’s not much he loves more than watching the Vikings game with his family.



“For as long as I can remember, purple has been a favorite color,” said Nate.



Tucker and Tegan, Nate and Laura’s children, were  born into the military family life, as well as born Vikings fans. Tucker is in sixth grade and loves the Vikings. He also plays football, with Nate as his team’s coach. Tegan is full of spunk and loves to sing, dance and cheer on the Vikings every Sunday with her family.



When it comes to sleep, the Burr family recognizes how important it is for your health and wellbeing.



“Sleep is an important thing, but the military lifestyle isn’t always conducive to good sleep hygiene,” said Nate.



With the gift of a Sleep Number® smart bed, Nate and Laura are looking forward to elevating their sleep.



“All those different stressors of military life, it really hits your sleep tremendously,” said Laura, who’s a preschool teacher and has relatives who have served. “What a blessing to be gifted something to help with that.”



Watch K.J. Osborn Surprise the Burr Family 



The Langford Family

James Langford is a 6-year veteran of the Marine Corps, and a Dallas Cowboys super fan. He and his family were invited to The Star for a tour, with a very special surprise guest.



Tony Pollard surprised the Langfords at the end of their tour and was excited to present them with a gift package including Sleep Number® bedding, autographed Cowboys swag, game tickets and a Sleep Number® smart bed.



“I’m honored to join Sleep Number to surprise a deserving military family with a brand-new Sleep Number smart bed and game tickets,” said Pollard.



James has worn many hats in his military service,  including inventory management, color guard and funeral services. James and his wife, Maija, have two sons, Braeson and Ryker, who were born while they were stationed in Okinawa, Japan. The Langfords are now stationed in Houston, Texas.



Watch Tony Pollard Surprise the Langford Family



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