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Stay Alert and Keep People Safe at Work

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In a profession that requires attention to detail and a cautionary eye, Jessica Brown understands the importance of a restful night of sleep. How quality sleep powers her + 17 manufacturing facilities’ safety.

Jessica’s job title confuses people. The Fairfield, Penn., resident works in the heavy manufacturing industry as a certified industrial hygienist, and when people hear that title, she says, “Everyone, literally everyone, thinks that I
clean the plant.” In fact, her job is all about ensuring the occupational health—that is, the safety of workers in 17 different manufacturing facilities. 

Keeping People Safe

“I make sure we aren’t exposing [workers] to chemicals, noise, or slips, trips, or falls—we want to ensure no one is hurt during the manufacturing process,” Jessica explains. That includes compliance with a lot of regulatory guidelines, including OSHA, as well as some high-tech tools like light curtains. “They’re like lasers that shoot across, and they make an invisible curtain,” Jessica says. “If part of your body crosses that curtain, it shuts the machine off so that you don’t accidentally end up in harm’s way.”

Sleep and Work Safety

Sleep, too, is an important part of occupational safety—one that Jessica takes seriously and prioritizes. “If I don’t get enough sleep, my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders. When I go to work, part of my job is to make sure people are safe, and I don’t ever want to be tired or cranky. So getting a proper night’s sleep is critical for me.”

Is a Sleep Number Bed Worth It?

For Jessica, that means a good night’s rest on her Sleep Number® bed. She and her husband, Daron, have had two over the course of 20 years. They purchased their current Sleep Number® bed about five years ago. “I like my side softer, and I wanted to get something that I could customize,” Jessica says. “Sometimes you’re staying in a hotel or with friends and the hotel bed is just like a rock, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for something that wasn’t going to work for me in the long term.” 

Jessica’s Secret Skill

“I’m really good at driving in reverse. When I was growing up, we had a really long driveway, and it didn’t have a place to turn around. So if I wanted to practice driving, I’d go down the driveway, and if I wanted to come back up, I’d go in reverse. I got very good at going really fast in reverse.” Jessica also likes to garden. She and Daron bought a farm and they’ve begun to reforest their land and also grow lots of their own organic vegetables. 

If You Could Sleep Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

“Daron and I are cruise people, and there’s something about that gentle rocking on a big ship that lulls me to sleep.”

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