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Successful Nighttime Routines of 3 Women in their 40s & 50s

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Which nighttime routine do you want to try from these three women in their 40s and 50s?


Kids, careers, relationships — women are pulled in so many different directions, with so much to juggle, their minds run overtime.


The result is often disrupted sleep patterns and sleep debt. If you find yourself in this frustrating cycle, there are ways to help your body and mind relax at bedtime to ensure an optimal night's sleep and enough energy to tackle everything on the next day's list.


Caroline T., 43

Critical care nurse in Toronto, married and mother of three


After dinner:


  • I like to make a list in my phone of all the things that I need to accomplish the next day. Knowing that the list is there allows my brain to stop reminding itself every 10 minutes.


Before bedtime:

  • I have a bit of a sweet tooth, but know that eating cookies before bed isn't the best way to fade off into dreamland. Instead, I opt for an almond milk sleep smoothie with cherries and nutmeg, ingredients which have both been shown to aid sleep as noted by Woman's Day and Alternative Daily.


In bed:

  • A must for sleep quality is keeping the bedroom set to a cool temperature, usually around 65°F.


  • Having a water carafe and glass on my bedside table is comforting, because I know that if I get thirsty in the night, I won't have to get out of bed. Plus, it looks so pretty.


Krista P., 45

Chicago-based corporate lawyer, single mother of two teens


After dinner:

  • I used to have a square or two of dark chocolate after dinner, but now I opt for a healthier, sleep-promoting hot chocolate. A little indulgence while watching a guilty-pleasure television show makes me feel so happy, it's a perfect way to prepare for sleep.


Before bedtime:

  • Washing my face used to feel like a chore, but I shifted my perspective and now treat it as self care. I take my time and massage my cleansers and oils into my face, which makes me feel like I'm at the spa.


  • I find that laying out my clothes the night before is a definite stress-reducer. Knowing that my outfit is clean and organized helps me feel prepared for the next day, and the time saved gives me a few more precious minutes of sleep.


In bed:

  • My bedroom is pitch black for sleeping ... I even put my phone on airplane mode so that notifications don't light up. Also, I have slept so much better since I lined my bedroom curtains with blackout fabric.


Cheryl G., 57

Retired Vancouver teacher, widowed with aging parents


After dinner:


  • I really look forward to taking my dog for a walk after dinner. An added bonus is that a little bit of light physical activity aids digestion.


Before bedtime:

  • I do some restorative yoga. It is a critical transition for my mind and body between my day and my night. I light some candles around my yoga mat and turn off the lights. It feels like I'm in a different world.


  • To maintain the calmness achieved in my yoga practice, I steep some herbal tea. A blend with valerian root works really well, as it gently encourages the body and mind to slow down and prepare for rest.


In bed:

  • Writing down my thoughts before bed — a recounting of the day, things for which I am grateful, hopes for the future — has really made me slow down and become mindful of how I process my thoughts.


  • I lie in bed and follow a guided meditation using an app on my phone. It never fails to lull me to sleep.


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