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What are the different phases of sleep?

Jennifer Nelson

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What ARE the different phases of sleep? Learn more about your sleep cycles from below infographic.


Do you struggle to fall asleep? Wake in the wee hours of the morning? Or, are you just plain curious about the different phases of sleep? 


Understanding the stages of sleep may illuminate what's happening and why. Think of your sleep cycle as a timeline — with highs, lows and stages in between.



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*Based on average SleepIQ® data from 8/1/21- 2/28/22 of sleepers who engaged with their Sleep Number® setting, SleepIQ® data and FlexFit™ smart adjustable base.



Jennifer Nelson is a Florida-based health writer who writes about all things sleep hygiene. She writes for The National Sleep Foundation, Phillips, Tom's Guide, Southern Living, Health, AARP, and others.

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