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DRAFTED: Kyle Philips’ Road to NFL Career (part 2)

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NFL prospect Kyle Philips knows quality sleep is the key to performing at the highest level. Watch & read how he's been prioritizing rest and recovery on his path to the 2022 NFL Draft. 



“When I get drafted it's going to be unreal,” Kyle said. “I don't think I'm too much of an emotional person, but I'm definitely going to cry. I know my dad's going to cry and it's going to be a special moment for my whole family, but definitely for me and my dad.”


Before the NFL draft, Kyle played football at UCLA where he set a UCLA freshman record with 60 receptions and lead the team with 681 receiving yards. He started six of seven games played in 2020 and then broke out in 2021 with a first-team All-Pac-12 Conference campaign.


Growing up, Kyle’s dad taught him how to play football and coached him from third grade through middle school. From taking him to games, driving him around the country and helping him practice, Kyle’s dad was always one of his biggest supporters. When Kyle learned he was accepted to play football at UCLA, his dad was the first person he told. 


“Right before my junior year, I just remember I was at my house, got the call, got the offering just instantly ran straight to my dad,” Kyle said. “It was really special to share that moment with my dad.”


All of Kyle’s hard work paid off – but along the way he learned how important it is to take care of his body to perform well.


“Recovery's one of the most important things,” Kyle said. “If you're going to push your body to limits, you got to be able to recover and get your body back to square one.”


Kyle uses his Sleep Number® smart bed to get the quality sleep he needs to perform at his best. He can adjust his settings just the way he likes, from elevation angles to temperature. By measuring biometrics and providing daily insights, his smart bed helps him find his competitive edge.


“It's been huge for me,” Kyle said. “Every night being able to get great quality sleep has allowed me to fully recover. Just attack every day, 100%.”


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