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How a Teacher Uses the Force

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High school math teacher, and Sleep Number® bed owner, Adina Forbes has an unexpected way of getting her students into their subject: She uses the Force … along with other parts of the Star Wars movies. From classroom décor to test questions, Adina draws on the movies to help her students stay engaged in learning. We recently spoke to her about how she teaches and how quality sleep from her Sleep Number® bed helps her thrive. 


Hi, Adina! Okay, tell us a bit about your job and how you work Star Wars into it. 

I’m a high school math teacher. I teach geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. I usually have about twenty-five students in a given class. My whole classroom is Star Wars themed. 

So… there’s a droid in Star Wars called BB-8, and in the classroom, there’s a little sign next to BB-8 that says BB-Great. There are little sayings like that around the room, and when a new Star Wars movie comes out, I usually have a countdown on the board. The kids know that I’m the Star Wars teacher. 

One of the tests that I wrote, which was over a stats unit, was all Star Wars themed. Like, “What is the standard deviation of Darth Vader using his lightsaber?” Things like that. There were questions that talked about costume contests. I try to bring Star Wars in as much as the school allows me. 


Are there any things about your job that might surprise people?

Teachers definitely work more than 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. On a typical day, I get up at 5:45 a.m. and I’m at school by about 7 a.m. I’m the robotics coach, so if we have practice, I usually stay until 6 or 7 p.m. And then there’s grading on top of that. We’re sometimes working seven days a week. And when I’m in the classroom, I’m on my feet all day. 


What drew you to Sleep Number® in the first place? 

My parents got a Sleep Number® bed, because they were looking for a new mattress and they just walked into the store, and then they couldn’t stop talking about it, so I got one, too. I’ve had it for about a year and half, and I love it. When I’m teaching, I’m always on my feet, so sometimes my back hurts. Some nights, I need the bed more firm, so I can do that, and then if I need it softer, I can do that. That flexibility is awesome. 


Tell us about your bedtime routine.

Sometimes I do meditation or read before bed. Mostly I just chill at the end of the day. 


If you could sleep anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Well…in the Star Wars universe, I’d choose Naboo, because it’s so tranquil and quiet and garden-y. 


Finally, what is your Sleep Number® setting? 

It’s 35, but I fluctuate it by 10 if needed. 


Thanks, Adina!

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