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Making the Most of Staying at Home

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A family vacation doesn't have to mean jetting off to some exotic locale. Perks of staying put.

Sometimes a vacation can be a staycation, a chance enjoy yourselves in familiar surroundings. That's just what the Wilson family of Southern California has done.

“It's nice to stop and just appreciate all you have around you," says Jessica Cordova Wilson. "We're always so busy with life that we don't get to enjoy all the perks of living here."

Instead of their customary out-of-state vacations, the Wilsons spent one family break doing “all the touristy stuff" in SoCal, from the San Diego Zoo to Disneyland to the beach.

“All while getting to sleep in our beds each night," says Jessica. “To this day, the kids say it was our best vacation."

You don't have to live within driving distance of Disneyland to reap the benefits of a staycation, though. In fact, you don't have to drive anywhere at all. Your own home and your own backyard can host a relaxing stay, too.

Just like any vacation, a staycation takes planning, to make sure you aren't fielding a million protests of “I'm bored," and to ensure that mom isn't doing all the cooking and cleaning while the rest of the family enjoys their holiday.

For example, Business Insider suggests telling people you're on a break — just because you're in town doesn't mean you're on call. Look online for suggestions of making the most of vacationing at home — apps such as Instagram and Pinterest can be great resources.

Staycation Benefits

In case you're missing that annual trip to the beach, here are some perks of just staying put.

  1. More free time. You can catch up on hobbies you don't ordinarily have time for. You might subscribe to a streaming service you've been meaning to try or a meal delivery program so the entire family can cook together.

  2. You're already home if there's an emergency. Your family doctor is right there and you can fill a prescription at your local pharmacy.

  3. Get to know your kids better. Instead of grumbling through homework discussions, plan fun outdoor activities for the whole family or do this surprising family game night location.

  4. Go at your own pace. Vacation at home and decide how much — or how little — you want to do every day.

  5. Enjoy your home. Sometimes your Sleep Number 360® smart bed, your favorite chair and a bedtime snack are just what you need. Quality sleep will help fuel your days.

Travel can be wonderful — new sights, new experiences, new people. But sometimes just vacationing at home with no schedules to meet or chores to do is just the ticket.

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